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Wide Body V10 M6 in the making

Over the last 18 years or more we have been involved with some pretty spectacular wheel projects all over the world, we have had some great builds globally, the Australian market we have produced some great one off custom wheel builds, especially for the mighty HSV Holden VE model, building wheel widths most say aren’t possible, we love a challenge and it seems so does Joakim Edin from Sweden.


BMW M6 V10 Wide body construction, rear fender to house the enormous 15x21 VAD VF1 Forged wheels

Joakim is building a very unique BMW E63 M6 V10 coupe, when we first spoke to him, he explained how he had scoured the market looking for a decent wide body off the shelf, but he was left extremely disappointed with what the market had to offer for his V10 powerhouse, so decided the only way he was going to get what he wanted, was to make his own, which he is in the process of doing, we just love customers like Joakim, not just his attitude of , “it’s not available, so I will make my own”, but the fact he has the capability to design and produce the body work to the exact look he has in his head, the guy has skills.

BMW M6 V10 Wide body under construction

He has already built some formidable machines; one in particular has already been featured on the Speedhunters website, his amazing Jaguar XJR, a very unique build running a 20” wheel set up, with Accuair suspension.

Joakim Edin's Jaguar XJR Build

As well as knowing what he wants in the way of body styling, the wheels have also been meticulously chosen to make sure the design is as he envisaged the overall look, and the VAD VF1 was his desired wheel of choice, a plain and simple but very effective looking five spoke design with the deepest concave we could get out of the 12x21 front wheels and the awesome 15x21 rear set up, hes basically got the rear wheel concavity for the front and the rear, and they look pretty awesome, with a brushed centre, exposed hardware and reverse outer rim, this is going to be one very special M6, and one we are proud to be involved with… roll on launch day, Hurry up Joakim

VAD Design 15X21 VF1 Brushed Silver Centres

VAD VF1 Brushed silver centre, with polished reverse outer rim in 12x21 front and 15x21 rear

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