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Porsche 997 GT3R Build

So we kick off our 2017 year in style with our tuning partners in South Africa Scribante Racing and their awesome Porsche 997 Turbo GT3R Build for the new race season, and boy oh boy these guys are not messing about, this is one serious 997 build, let’s hope they have some competition with the other teams that will line up next to these guys on the grid for the national supercar series, it’s going to be a pretty epic race season, and one we can't wait to follow and report on.

So with the first week of January well under way the aero pack had finally landed in Johannesburg, and the boys wasted zero time getting the kit in place ready for prepping and installation, even the roof has come in for some light weight carbon, with the lightweight carbon doors and polycarbonate windows still in manufacturing process, as they leave no stone unturned in the search of a lightweight race car, with speed to match.

The engine is from the Turbo S model, that has had some serious modification, as well as the race gearbox, with the suspension, upright and hubs coming straight off a Cup race car, with AP brakes supplying the stoppers & discs, just looking at all of the parts being thrown at this build is making our mouth water.

The wheel choice come from our long term wheel partner AG Wheels, as we work hand in hand with them. Scribante wanted was a multispoke wheel, a design similar to the old lemans style Porsche race wheels, so the 10 spoke race look F120 was the design of choice, with centre lock configuration, in 12x18 front and 13x18 rear that will be shod with 18” race slicks 30/65R18 front and 31/70R18 Rear.

The body work consists of a lot of part, with all the standard parts:

Front Bumper, Front splitter, front canards, front vented fenders, side skirts, rear quarter panels, rear bumper, rear diffuser.

They also wanted the full optional extras, to reduce as much weight as possible, whilst adding as much down force to the car as possible.

Compete flat under floor panels, front and rear arch liners, roof section, rear engine cover, rear wing with supports and end plates, 12x18 & 13x18 centre locks wheels.

We will bring you more on the build as it takes shape over the next few weeks, as we get ready to start the process for a full road going version that will be prowling the streets of California, from track car to street car.

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