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Nissan GTR GT3 Amber Performance

We have been discussing the prospect of a GT3 road going GTR for a while now, but as most ofyou that read our blog will know, we hit a few problems, some of which are still ongoing, so we shelve the idea, as it wasn’t worth the hassle or aggravation, as well as the cost of lost funds in the process, which we are still fighting to get back through the legal channels, but lets cover that in another blog post, as this post is all about a build we have longed to do and be involved with, and we are happy to say it’s all systems go.

We have said it before and we will say it again, the GTR in GT3 form is the pinnacle wide body, everything else for us falls short, even our own VADZILLA, this for us is the Numero Uno, the ultimate GTR in wide body form, and were excited.

Amber Performance Seibon GTR

After returning from our German trip it was time to assess the situation with our business associates Amber Performance, as the proprietor Jason Hawes 2009 award winning Seibon GTR has been sitting at the LA Paints body shop in Milton Keynes for over 12 months waiting for the new GT3 body panels which didn’t arrive and won't be any time soon, so plan B was put into operation which was to fit Jason's GTR with the VAD carbon wide body programme, so with that organised it was time to spec the wheel build with design and required finish, we already knew the build would run a 21” set up, as the 345/25R21 have been sitting around gathering dust for the last 7 months at Amber HQ.

Scouring the net for a few race wheel ideas, we stumbled across an eBay posting for a used GTR GT3 race kit, with a bit of negotiation, Jason was able to secure the kit, with every part needed to complete the build, the parts were originally purchased for a time attack GTR build, which we are happy to say didn’t materialise, which has made our year, we can tell you that Jason & Lee havent stopped grinning.

The car has already had the engine removed a while ago for a serious upgrade in the power department, so LA paints gave the engine bay its first few coats of paint, the colour we will reveal at the time of launch, it will certainly get people talking, so it will be left in the capable hands of Lee Ayre of LA Paints, who is in control of bringing this beast to life.

Now to the wheels of choice, with the original planned build hitting problems, the original idea of fitting the VAD CR-Evo has changed, simply because it’s become a quite popular design of wheel and this build demands something new and fresh, and with the all new Trafficstar forged range going into production, the 5 spoke STR in concave profile is the design that Jason has decided on, with matte black centres, gloss black outer rims and inner barrel, with copper hardware, in size 13x21, we also looked at the the OZ race wheel design, but the Trafficstar brand just made more sense.

We will keep the blog updated along with our Instagram and Facebook page, so keep an eye out for pictures in build, cant wait for launch day .

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