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It’s been a while in the making, but we are finally pleased to announce the guys over at Aspect GT have finally launched their GT website, and opened up the facility in Upper Heyford, Oxon to the public and have some pretty epic products in the works, that will all be hitting the market at some point in 2016.

Those that follow the VAD builds & news will know all about the Ferrari 458 GT3 Curseive that was built for Mikael Persbrandt as it was well documented, and as the guys over at Aspect GT put a lot of effort in especially with the O.E.M fit and finish for the project, its only fair we give the guys a shout out, most race cars don’t have the luxury of decent panel gap or good fitment, but the Aspect GT conversions are all about the quality and end result, which is simply stunning, they may look like the race car but they are very different machines, as with any enhancement on the elite sports cars, the most important factor is an O.E quality finish, the detail and creativity are mind blowing on all of these conversions.

We have already touched based last week on one conversion they will constructing, the mighty BMW Z4 Nuke that takes all its brutish looks from its GT3 track cousin, but they are adding a bit ofspice by installing a V8 to make sure it has the noise and the get up and go for that epic carbon fibre wide body.

In production at the moment and currently taking orders is their Ultra-R wide body aero pack for Audi’s range topping R8, its loosely based on the original Ultra R8 LMS / GT3 race car, but built for road application, so the usual high quality fit & finish will apply, but if you do fancy a track day or two the guys inform us that all of their aero kits are built for track day abuse, so you get the best of both worlds.

Check out their website and perusal over the product and builds they offer, if you’re into the race car look and it’s what you desire for road application, then Aspect will more than take care of your needs.

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