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** Please note price is for the basic aero kit in woven roving cloth ** 

 Also available in Carbon Fibre 


Wide boy aero kit for the Porsche 997 chassis. 

Kit consists of:

Front bumper, front splitter, front replacement fenders, front fender vents, side skirts, rear quarter panels, rear bumper, rear bumper outtake grills.


Optional extras are available to purchase with this body styling kit: 

Rear wing assembly (Carbon blade, gurney flap, aluminium supports, end plates)
Ducktail engine cover,

Carbon light weight carbon fibre doors,

Flat body under floor, gear floor,

Carbon roof,

Kevlar arch liners,

Carbon door mirrors.

Rear diffuser with strakes
Front bumper canards (4 Pieces)

Front and rear bumper grills


Forged magnesium or aluminium 3 piece alloy wheels are also available for this conversion:

Specification: 10.5x19 front, 13x19 rear. ( 14x19 rear set up also available)

Tyres 265/35R19 front > 345/0R19 rear.

Centre exit X pipe exhaust system.

Nitron Bespoke GT3RR custom coilover suspension, Full adjustable suspension components also available.


Fitting and painting service available on request.


** We ship worldwide **

Porsche 997 GT3R Wide Body Aero Kit

  • Wide body aero kit Porsche 997 

    Special Order parts 14 to 21 days production time 

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