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Porsche 997 GT3R Turbo Build

Our Porsche 997 R13 carbon fibre aero conversion has become quite a popular build around the world and we have another being built in California but this will be no ordinary 997 GT3R R13 build, this will be another level build, and that’s down to the owner who is putting this particular 997 together, Joe Trinh.

We have been wanting to work with Joe since we connected with him a couple of years ago on Instagram which is just dedicated to his Porsche collection that he has built over the years, with every model being heavily modified, his 997 Turbo Cabriolet is a real beauty, as well as his 997 GT3 4.0 is one of our personal favourite 997 builds to date, its impeccably put together, then you have his McLaren 675LT which is just mind blowing, but none of them can compare to his amazing going 991 GT3R R16 he has put together as a pure road based car, it really is a phenomenal build, pure perfection and shows just what Joe and the team he works with are capable of, hence our excitement working with him on this 997 R13 GT3R build that he has just started.


We delivered the kit to Joe the early part of 2019, and he purchased every part we make all but the carbon doors and the carbon roof, but he was keen to purchase every other part we manufacture, with all the parts being delivered to Tony over at True Performance , which just happens to be company and a person we have been longing to work with, his work within the Porsche industry is renown, and we are very much looking forward following this amazing build as it happens, what we do know is every part that put into this 997 build is going to be the best available, the turbo and ECU set up is already mind blowing, the colour chosen is the perfect choice for this build, it will show off every R13 details that some colours hide, and the interior suggestion is a wonderful contrast.

all being well this amazing 997R will be hitting the streets of California, we will endeavor to keep you posted on developments as the build takes shape.


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