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Porsche 991 Swan Neck Spoiler

We love everything Porsche from the early 930 911 right up to the current 992 chassis, which is why we are constantly adding new carbon aero and parts to our ever growing Porsche range, with our latest addition aimed at the 991 chassis, this is one we are super excited about.

We have been longing to add a swan neck RSR style wing to our range of Porsche parts for a while now and the 991 has been the first chassis we have developed the assembly for, the 991 is first up because of the huge demand for this model, so made sence to get this designed and into production, we will be offering the supports in various colour options as well as a carbon options at some point in the future.

The first Porsche hope to wear the all new swan neck will be our good friend Ben, owner of BPA Body shop in Launceston who is building a Porsche 991.2 road car, that will also see a huge amount of track time, this will be the first UK customer to try our new set up so we look forward to following the build journey, as this build will also be wearing our Carbon roof as well as our ducktail engine cover.

Now the 991 chassis is all done, we will now look at developing the swan neck for Porsche 997 chassis, we think it will be a great addition for our R13 street conversions as well as our up and coming 997 slant nose we are currently working on.

More pictures to follow once we get the product on to the BPA Porsche 991.2 street set up built and tearing up the the streets.


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Larry Silver
Larry Silver
Sep 02, 2021

is this available yet?

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