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Porsche 991 GT3R Street

Over the last few days we have been in conversation with Jon Olsson, chatting about various cars and builds and to say he is infectious is an understatement, he has got us looking into our next build more vigorously, and now we are looking at every detail of the build, in microscopic detail, what have you done to us Jon.

Our 991R project is still in the early stages, but it’s this stage we love, putting all the details together of the build, who we will work with on various components, who we will collaborate with, we already know lots of people that will assist us with the direction we wish to go on this one, as we have made plenty of mistakes in the past, we will not make those mistakes on this build.

We will be working with JRZ on the suspension side with this build, we should have worked with them on the 997 Turbo –R & BMW Z4 GT3 V8, but Bilstein were really good to us on those builds so it was a bit of a no brainer, and they are such an awesome company to work with, and they are local which was an added bonus, but with the 991R we will are really looking forward to working with the Porsche suspension gurus JRZ, when it comes to handling perfection these boys are the best.


The body work will be our usual raw carbon fibre; the colour is yet to be decided but yellow is a very strong contender at the moment, but knowing us that could change. Exhaust will be built by our good friend Craig at Dynotorque, wheels we have chosen will be super lightweight magnesium forged 3 piece from our partners GT3RR, design will be the F1M in sizes and widths 12X20F & 14x20R, wrapped in Michelin 295/35R20 & 345/30R20 front & rear respectively.

Staying on the subject of wheels, we managed to get a sneak peek on Jon Olsson’s Audi 1000 BHP RS6 before it’s official launch a few days back we were drawn to the wheel choice Jon made for this RS6 build and it looks radical, like nothing else on the market and we love that, Jon has always had a great eye for a wheel and this choice has inspired us, Brixton Forged did one hell of a job on the design and manufacture and although we have our own wheel design locked in, we also want to run with a different look from time to time which has made us revisit D-LNG, the Turbofan maestros.

We reached out to Steve the owner of D-LNG a couple of years back when our BMW Z4 GT3 V8 was in its early stages, but we had a change of direction on the build and felt they wouldn’t be the right look for the Z4 GT3 styling, but for the Porsche it’s the perfect look and as racing history has shown the Porsche brand wears them well, and with Steve now working on his all new Gen concave 3D printed designs, this build just has to have them, more updates will follow when the build starts, 2020 just seems to getting better month by month.

For more details on our up and coming Porsche 991R Aero programe get in touch with us.


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