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Porsche 991 Carbon Roof

New product alert.

The back end of 2020 saw us launch our brand new carbon fibre Porsche 991 R16 Evo aero upgrade, it was hugely delayed for the most obvious reason that affected the global car scene for a while, but we pressed pause for a while to evaluate the market and when it started to pick back up we hit the green light and we haven’t stopped since.


So with all of the parts made to include the vented Evo bonnet, rear ducktail engine cover and the doors we pretty much have a full carbon fibre car, so it seemed a no brainer to look at making a roof too, and we must say with how the part has come it was pretty much worth the effort.

It is produce in Pre-Preg carbon fibre which is then autoclaved cured, so it’s the pinnacle manufacturing process which we get a super lightweight super strong product which is what you need when you are making a full replacement roof rather than a roof skin.

Porsche 991 GT3RS Carbon Fibre Replacement Roof, Raw Finish & with Clear Coat lacquer


The carbon roof is available to order now and comes as a raw product that will require matt or gloss clear coat, or we can clear coat finish on request as an option, the roof will fit all 991 chassis, get in touch with us for more details on how to order.


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