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Porsche 718 Cayman Wide Body

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

We have said it before and we will say it again, we get to work with some incredible people all over the world and this time we are in one of our favourite countries in the world, Japan with our good friend Sho Kobayashi from Kanagawa and it’s a build we have wanted to do in Japan for so long as we know how well received the Porsche brand is in the Japanese scene, you only have to look at RWB to see the following this company has with their Porsche creations.

It was October 2020 when Sho reached out about our carbon wide body aero kit for his race going Cayman and with a few emails exchanged it wasn’t long before one was being manufactured, boxed up and shipped out for Sho to start working his magic.


It was only when we got to see the latest images that we had a small heart failure, as Sho had ordered our 981 Cayman wide body aero package, but was fitting it to his all new Cayman 718 4-cylinder new shape beauty, after checking he confirmed that we did in fact order the kit knowing and that alterations would need to be made around the front and rear lights, and we are very pleased to confirm the modifications are minimal, so we will now be offering this aero kit for the all-new 718 chassis with modifications of course.

Well it seems the car is not far away from being completed and we will soon get to show the world his new show stopper as he is going racing with no other than RWB’s Nakai-San who will be in his all new 997 Turbo race car “Notting Hill” so very much one to watch out for and we will bring you all the updates to this show stopping build.

Just as we were finishing up this blog post we had a chat with a good friend who we have collaborated with before and he has just ordered his kit for a winter build, so we don’t just have one epic Porsche Cayman build happening we have two beauties to look forward two.



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