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Old & New Porsche 996 Slant Nose

Unfortunately, we didn't manage to get over to the SEMA show this year, due to commitment and the fact we have had a busy few months, also trying to get our own build over the finish line, we just didn't have the time to be away on a jolly, albeit we would of loved a break in sin city, next year we will be in attendance if all goes to plan.

One car we would of liked to of seen up close and personal was the new Porsche 996 slant nose conversion from our partners Old & New Japan, but thanks to companies like The Speedhunters, builds like this are never going to be hidden away, with some stunning photography from Mark Riccioni, this is the conversion in all of its glory.

Old and New Porsche 996 Slat Nose

This particular 996 was built by Jason from Rotiform and we have to say the build looks pretty special, we have been waiting on seeing a black slant nose since the Kyza released his amazing black render of the old & new 997 version, the Gold centred Rotiform LHR wheels just suit this build to perfection, and there is no denying Rotiform are leading the way at the moment with the old school wheel designs being modernised, the perfect wheel design for this old & new conversion.

There is a lot of love for this conversion simply down to the fact you get to update the 996 front lights, they are like Marmite, they are either liked or loathed, there is no in-between, personally we love the 996 with or without the lights, but the slant nose is something pretty special to look at.

The kit is available to order now and consists of the following parts, with lots of optional extras that can be purchased with the build.

The old & new Porsche 996 Slant Nose

Front bumper, front fenders, Removable front fender vents, side skirts, fuel cap, rear over fenders, engine cover and rear wing assembly, front lights with lens covers, front DRL's

We can supply the kit as it is or we can supply and fit with our UK partners Reflex Auto Design on th fit and finish, the kits can also be supplied through RAD in Northampton.

We also offer various suspension options for this conversion, if you want a airlift set up the boys at RAD can supply and fit, we also offer a full bespoke JRZ or Bilstein coilover set up as well as fully adjustable control arms and other suspension components as well as a full hybrid exhaust system, with a choice of 3 piece forged aluminium or super lightweight forged magnesium custom manufactured wheels, so if your looking for a drive in drive out conversion then get in touch with us and lets make your dreams come true.

Attention to detail, Front Bumper lights, Rotiform LHR, front fender vents, rear wing & engine cover


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