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Nissan GTR GT3 Time Attack

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

This GTR build has been in the planning stages for quite a while, with March 2020 pencilled in for completion and getting the kit packed up and shipped, but 2020 has pretty much been written off for most forms of motorsport, so the chance to get to see the guys at Concepts Garage put this build together for the time attack has unfortunately been put off until 2021 season which is a shame as this was a build that really got us excited, with every part ordered this is going to be a pretty special GTR.

There is no doubting that the GT3 race version of the GTR is the pinnacle look for the GTR, every aftermarket wide body GTR pretty much takes the styling cues from the GT3, you only have to look at the latest Liberty walk creation to see they have borrowed heavily from the GT500 look, which is a very aggressive style, which you’re either going to like or loath … for us the GT3 style will always be at the very top of the styling tree.

So what carbon parts do we have heading down under to the boys at Concept Garage, lets look at what is included in the track pack as the parts list is extensive and consists of:


Front bumper, front bumper canards, front splitter (complete front floor) front vented fenders, side skirts, rear quarter panels, rear bumpers (lights) rear bumper lower (exhaust) rear diffuser with strakes, rear boot lid, rear wing assembly, carbon replacement roof, front vented bonnet, super lightweight carbon doors.

The parts will be crated up and shipped out next week for the five-week journey across the sea to Sydney as there is no huge rush to get this build started … that’s to the pandemic they have all the time they need to make this GTR race ready for the 2021-time attack weekend.

A special thank you and shout out to our good friend Michael Zomaya from the Lowdown, as without him this would not be happening, appreciate your support as always, we will bring you more on this build as it happens at concept garage, we just have to try and contain the excitement.


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