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BMW (e89) Z4 GT3 GEN-2 Street

The Gen 1 BMW Z4 GT3 has been a very successful programme for us, so it seemed like a no brainer to introduce the Gen 2 which is a more aggressive looking conversion compared to the conversion it superseded, with lots of customers asking us what is different about the two conversions, so here is a little run down of the differences between them that most people do not see.

The first major change is up the front end with the front bonnet, it goes from two aerocatches to 3 and where the Gen 1 front flare cuts off aggressively exposing the rear part of the front tyre, the Gen 2 front flare blends back into the rear area of the hood, it’s also slightly wider than the Gen 1 set up, the Gen 2 is a smoother look, more aero dynamic, it’s also a wider to house the 12x18 front race wheel and 315/680R18 slick race tyre.


Another detail change was the side skirts, the gen 2 has the more aggressive sweep and a larger opening for rear brake cooling, it also has a neat little canard to aid with air flow and downforce, it’s a small detail but extremely effective, these sills feed into and make up part of the rear flare which is so much wider than the original Gen 1 set up, it just looks so much better at the rear from any angle, it’s such a muscular look which we prefer.


So what makes our conversion so different to the rest, well for starters we are the only company to offer the complete front and rear bumper grill sets, as well as grills for the hood vents we also offer the authentic Gen 2 rear wing assembly with the dual blades, end caps, gurney, supports with quick release fixings.

Get in touch if you feel like taking the plunge into building your very own BMW Z4 Street.


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