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Porsche Cayman RSR

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

Our Porsche aero range seems to grow week by week as we constantly update our range and one chassis we have always looked at doing something with is the Cayman and Boxster, the older 987 generation seem to have an array of body styling, some bad and some worse, the most popular seems to be the Rocket Bunny which is about the best of a bad bunch, so we decided to look at styling for the model but the slightly later 981 chassis as this is the best looking one of them all in our opinion, and there seems to be very little or very limited aero kits available on the market for this particular year and model of Cayman.

Like most of our kits the Cayman RSR aero is a wide body programme that we produce in light weight in carbon fibre as well as woven cloth GRP, we appreciate that not everyone can stretch to the more expensive and desirable carbon fibre option, so we have a slightly cheaper priced GRP cloth option which still has the benefit of being super lightweight and a very strong product as its manufactured the same way as our carbon fibre product is made.

The kit consists of the following parts, with a huge list of optional extras also available on request.

Front bumper, front splitter with front floor, bumper and fender extensions, side skirts, rear over fenders, rear bumper with 991 GT3R bumper grills, rear diffuser.

The optional extras include: forged wheels in forged aluminium or super lightweight forged magnesium can also be ordered on request, in 19” or 20” sizes with a 10” front wheels and 13” rear wheel required to fill the extended bodywork, Bilstein coilover suspension, GT3R rear wing assembly, carbon fibre doors, arch liners front and rear with a bespoke exhaust system also available to order.

We have a build about to start in Lebanon and a full UK build that is about to kick off over the next few weeks and the UK build we are really looking forward to as it will be fully documented by our good friend Matt Clifford who will build the first UK Cayman RSR… we can’t wait for these builds to start.

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