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Mini R56 Wider Flares & wheels to match

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

For every set of R56 mini flares we sell we are asked about the wheels and what wheels can be used. The problem when you add extra width to your build you need a wider wheel and tyre set up, even our R56 flares add a couple of inches that need to be filled with a wheel. The wheel width needed for our particular flare is a 9" wheel with a bespoke offset front and rear in either a 16" or 17" sizes and that's where the problem lies, you have to look at a 2 or a 3 piece wheel set up for those types of widths and the required offsets, or use a narrower wheel with a large hub-centric spacer set up, and neither are ideal, the multipiece wheel route is expensive, and a slimmer wheel and spacer is the cheaper option but defeats the purpose

Trying to find a 1 piece wheel with the correct width and offset that will work with the conversion has been a bit of a headache, even for us has been an impossibility to find, we have come close but unfortunately no cigar, that is until now, and we are extremely pleased to be able to offer a 1 piece super light weight wheel, that you can not only use on the road, but also use on the track, available in the correct size, width and offsets for our wide flare conversion, so no need for a spacer or the expensive 2 or 3 piece option, at the moment its only available in the 17" size with either an 8.5x17 or 9x17 widths, that can be fitted with either 234/40R17, 245/40R17 or 255/40R17, all great combinations and can be used with the selected widths we have listed, we can also supply tyres at super competitive prices.

Motec light weight Nitro MCR1 15" 16" 17" 18" 19" sizes available

The Motec MCR1 wheel is a lightweight wheel, available in the correct 4x100 pcd,with direct centre bore and correct offsets we need for the flare front and rear, so for all of our customers that are looking to build a wide fendered R56 mini, you now have the perfect wheel solution that not only good to look at, but is light weight, it has the correct specification and the best part is its competitively priced, with the added bonus of amazing European quality, which is what we strive for. Get in touch with us for further details on our R56 mini upgrades and builds.

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