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Gary Adams radical wide fender R56 Mini Cooper S

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

We have been actively involved in the new Mini scene for quite some time, especially the R56, R57, R58 & R59 models with us looking to branch out into the F56 model sometime this year with a flare and a trick wheel set up.

Our main focus has been based around the flares with us wanting to fit a wider wheel and tyre set up, there are a few kits on the market and we have purchased and fitted all of them, without going into detail the quality has been somewhat disappointing and when your spending the best part of £750 to £1000 you want a good quality product, which we didn't get, so we manufactured our own and we now have the quality as well as the fit and finish we want, as with all of the products we make, for us its about controlling the the quality which is a pretty important factor when your selling and manufacturing your own parts.


Gary Adams and his epic wide fender Mini Cooper S

Some of the first parts we made and sent out have been to Italy for a race going Cooper S for Team P3M ASD and a set has found its way to Florida for our good Friend Gary Adams and his amazing road going cooper S, this particular Mini has been a labour of love with Gary spending some serious amounts of cash on not only the look of this stunner but also the performance side of this matt black beauty, which is also acting as a great advertising campaign for his company, Natural Instinct Dog Training.

At the moment Gary is sitting on an aggressive set of 9x15 Koenig wheels fitted with 245/40R15 tyres which are soon to be updated to a set of 9x16 with suitable larger tyres, we love the way it sits on the BC coilover suspension Gary has previously installed, it just looks so menacing.

We are looking forward to seeing Gary progress with this build and see his vision come to fruition, for us it looks absolutely perfect just as it is.

Over the next couple of weeks we will see Mauro from P3M take to the track in his Mini cooper s that has been dressed too in our wider flares, this is a very special build, especially as it will be sitting on a very special set of ATS Motorsport GTR light weight wheels, in 17" with a very aggressive offset and slick tyres will make one awesome looking Mini.

For more details on our Mini parts get in touch with us, our parts list is about to expand for the R53 as well as the newer F56 models.

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