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Porsche 996 to 997 GT3 Conversion

The Porsche 996 seems to be the most disliked Porsche build alongside the 955 Cayenne, personally we love the look but we do understand why people dislike the look, you only have to look at the older generations of the 930, 964, 993 chassis to see there was a huge jump in styling to the 996 chassis, with the front end being the most discussed topic on this model and something Porsche themselves must of taken on-board too, as when they launched the 997 model it looked more like the older 911, 964, 993 models rather than an evolution of the 996 as we would of expected.

Full aero conversion available to convert the Porsche 996 to the 997 GT3R 2013 Chassis

There seems to be many offering upgrades for the 996, the most popular at first was the 996 to 997 face lift, with the 991 look now and option for the 996, but we don’t personally like either. The best one to hit the market so far is our Japanese partners Old & New with their amazing slant nose, that really does transform the look of the 996 model, its extreme but we have to admit we love the slant nose on any Porsche chassis, we are looking at building our very own Kremer 997 K3R this year all being well, and that is the ultimate original slant nose, it’s the king of kings.

With not a lot of love be shown for the 996 we too have set out to look into transforming the look and we feel we have the ultimate 996 make over with the 997 2013 R upgrade now available as an upgrade option this year and will be added to our website.

From the Porsche 996 to 997 chassis there isn't a huge difference, but there is enough to keep a good body work specialist / mechanical expert busy for a while, but we take the pain out of the conversion by offering all the conversion parts to make the job so much easier.

Parts for the conversion consist of the full R13 exterior wide body work, we supply in GRP cloth or carbon fibre, as well as the rear 996 to 997 conversion parts, you will also need the front bonnet and you can then add as many optional extras as you require from light weight carbon cup doors, carbon fibre roof, full flat under floor, kevlar arch liners, we also offer a multitude of rear engine covers from the RSR, GT3R ducktail with various wing assembly, we also have a 993 GT2 Evolution style with the air intakes that sit either side of the main wing which looks well on any Porsche chassis.

996 to 997 GT3 Conversion & aero parts

We can also supply bespoke built coilover suspension set up for this conversion from our partners Bilstein or JRZ, built to our own specification, as well as 18” or 19” 3 piece forged wheels in either magnesium or aluminium, or our hybrid carbon fibre barrels with magnesium centres.

For any further details on this aero upgrade for your 996 chassis then get in touch with us to discuss further, we are happy to build or we can supply the parts only with shipping all over the world.

So if your 996 is looking tiered, or you just fancy a road going R13 conversion, then feel free to get in touch and start planing the overhaul of your Porsche 996

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