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Performance Car Show NEC Birmingham 2019

At the turn of every year we have the ultimate dilemma, do we attend the Performance car show at the NEC Birmingham or head to Japan for the Tokyo Auto Salon, this year Birmingham won.

We headed down on Thursday which is the first day with our good friend Iby from Speedwells, its the first of the press days which is not so busy, so you get to do and see a lot more, which is a bonus if like us you want some good pictures and you want to document the day.


As per the usual, you have the show split over various halls if you include the live arena you have 5 and the one we always like to head to first is the parts hall, which then leads on to the modified vehicle hall.

The modified hall had some fantastic vehicles on display, with our good friends from Kream Developments who had an array of cars all built in house, from their modified wide body GTR, to Kash's very own very unique Bentley GT, we particularly liked the rose gold wrap that caresses the Bentley panels, its impeccably finished and quite possibly the best wrap we have seen to date, as with most wrapped cars any close up inspection reveals the odd imperfection here and there, but not on this GT, it really is that good.

Kream Developments Hexis Wrapped Bentley GT Supersport

Kream Developments conversions on display at Performance Car Show 2019

Our personal paint favourite was the matte Purple wide body GTR, the paintwork is second to none with a beautiful contrast of gloss and matt purple with exposed tinted purple carbon, we can only imagine the time and the patience the guys have taken over this particular build, the man hours must be in the hundreds, kudos to the Kash, Shabs and their team as they have worked hard to get where they are. Liberty Walk, Yannimize, Urban Automotive, Nero Design, and Cannon Ball Run all had great stands with some amazing machines, some with various wheel displays from the usual brands cut and past brands.

Cannon Run Mercedes G Wagon

Plush Automotive Audi RS6 Full Carbon Fibre

It was good to finally catch up with our friends build Plush Automotive and his amazing carbon clad RS6, Luke has a habit of building some absolute stunners inside and out and this really was something rather special, although this particular Plush mobile has been sold for a while now, incredible work.

Porsche had us in a frenzy as it was the first time we have got up close and personal with both the all-new 935 and the amazing 991.2 2018 RSR, with the RSR being our personal favourite, what a machine, Porsche really do know how to design and build a beautiful put together race car, the RSR is just perfect from every viewing point.

Porsche 2019 935

Porsche 2019 RSR

Porsche RSR 2019

Another stand that had us reminiscing was the ford stand, the Mk1 Escort and the Zakspeed Capri had us drooling, both old School works of art that we would have in a heartbeat, just both really cool builds, with some very special Mk2 Mexico, RS1800 and some traditional RS Sierra Cosworth's on display, ford were out in serious modified numbers and there wasn't one we wouldn't want to own.

A stunning collection of old school Fords on display

Another car that caught the eye was the i-pace from Jaguar, beautiful to look at especially with the all new fender flares and pumped up more aggressive styling race package, it really was a looker and one we cannot wait to see hitting the track, the wider track, larger wheels, livery and colour made it look very special, especially over the road going version.

A huge selection of current and old race cars were also on display with the full exposed carbon fibre BMW Z4 GT3 in all its glory which for us stole the show for obvious reasons


Aston martin Vantage GTE, Nismo GTR GT1

We really enjoyed the show this year, with a huge range of various cars on display from old school race or rally cars to full modern custom builds, new and old super cars, with Shmee 150 bringing his epic McLaren Senna along for the live show, until next year.

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