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Ichiban GTR, The Dapper Dips Overhaul

When Bryce built his dream GTR he put his trust into people and companies that should not have been anywhere near the car, but we will cover that in some detail in our up and coming update, as they say hindsight is a wonderful thing and its lessons learned for Bryce, he knew all too well the car would need to go back into surgery and with him being based in Afghanistan for the best part of the last 9 months what better time to hand his pride and joy over to the capable hands of Destin from Dapper Dips.

We are going to bring you a fully detailed build thread on the transformation of Bryce's GTR as we feel the time and effort that Destin has put in to this build deserves a post all of its own, the journey to get this build the paint work it demands has been a long and frustrating one, but in traditional head down arse up the end result is incredible , we have no doubt this is one transformation that will fill up every social media platform over the next few months.

Ichiban GTR GT3

Kudos to Destin for not only driving to collect the GTR but also but the time and effort into getting the car looking the way it does now and then the return journey delivering back to Bryce and Taylor, considering the GTR is based in Colorado and Dapper Dips is based in Evansville Indiana, so a nice touch and incredible service, we only now fully appreciate the lengths he has gone to, making sure Bryce has exactly what he wanted, we just can’t wait to bring you the story of the full build, as well looking forward to round two from Brandon C/O Woyshnis media and his amazing skill set, such a mouth-watering prospect of what is to come for Bryce and the Ichiban GT3 GTR.


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