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Next Level Automotive

A couple of months back Next Level Automotive collected a Speedwells wide body aero kit of us for a Supra build they have been constructing, they have really impressed us with the time-scale of this build considering its their first one, and the quality of work really is top notch.

Within 10 days of collecting the kit, Jan had it fitted on the supra it was then left for 3 weeks, which is a good thing when you are working with fibreglass, the longer you can leave the panels before painting the better the end product will be and as you can see the finish is spectacular.

Next Level Automotive, Speedwells Supra Build

The super wide blown out rear end view of the Speedwells Wide Body Supra


We were told the Supra would be blue and as we haven’t seen a blue Speedwells Supra we were pretty excited to see it all finish and we are just blown away with this particular shade of blue Jan decided to use on this build, and we love the bespoke one off bonnet with custom vents, which is another neat touch on this build.

We can’t wait to see the finishing touches to this build, as the suspension along with the wheels complete the look, keep your eyes peeled for the final reveal.



Next Level Automotive, Speedwells Wide Body Supra Build

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