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Nissan R35 GTR Wide Body Programs

We have made some changes to our Nissan GTR aero products over the last few months, with some new material and some options on some aero designs being discontinued.

Our first venture into the GTR World was back in 2012, with our GT1 styled take on Nissan's range topper for the first edition CBA styled bumper GTR, at the time of launch we produced in carbon fibre and GRP with the GRP outselling the carbon version by some margin, so we took the decision to only offer that aero kit in GRP, it an extremely cheap aero kit and really does enhance the oem lines of the GTR, whilst housing wide negative offset 20” wheels, its deceptive wide and that what we love about this particular kit, in fact unless you sit this wide body by a standard GTR it looks oem, even though is 75mm wider per corner than the Stock beauty.

VAD GTR GT1 Wide Body

2018 has seen us launch our GT3 style wide body carbon fibre aero kit which huge success, our good friend Bryce was the first to step up and build the pinnacle wide body, which is now having a bit of a colour change which will be completed this month, the Dapper Dips crew have had the car most of this year getting on to it when they have had spare time, a day here and there which suits Bryce as he has been stationed in the middle east for the last 9 months, just a pity we have to lose the lush white finish as that really did showcase the kit details, but the paintwork was terrible and something needed to be done, so Bryce wanted to start again and come back with a new look, which we are really excited to see the new look when its all finished, and for Brandon Woyshnis to once again unleash his epic photography skills.

Another positive for our aero as reported in one of our post last month, David Haagsma also hit the track with some fantastic results, a testament to how good our products are.

GT3RR Ichiban GTR

Ichiban GTR carbon fibre aero kit

David Haagsma SP Engineering Ichiban GTR Anthony Gaylard Nissan GTR GT3 Track Beast

Since we launched the kit we have been asked about the possibilities of having the kit manufactured in GRP, something we haven’t been particularly keen on until our composite team sent us details on a brand new woven cloth based GRP material with is still manufactured with epoxy resin and either pre-preg or vacuum infused product, extremely strong, super lightweight, just like carbon fibre product but 15 to 20% cheaper, so this will be added to the list of GTR manufacturing options, which is great as we can still get to add various parts like the front splitter, rear diffuser and side skirts in carbon fibre.

Dry Carbon Front Bumper

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