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Magnesium Forged Wheels

Custom manufactured forged wheels, it seems like everyone and their dog now makes and sells a forged wheel brand, they seem to open up and close down on a monthly basis is the USA and all with one aim, to sell as many wheels as possible, there are very few wheel brands that have stood the test of time, apart from the very few, and most have poor business ethics, we could write a book on all the problems or issues we have encountered throughout the years with various manufacturers, but we are in a better place, selling and promoting our own product as well as going back to our roots selling Japanese custom bespoke forged wheels.

We have been looking for a wheel design for our own project car for the last 12 months, we have a set on the car that will be turned into door stops, wall clocks or coffee tables, as they will definitely not be used on the build, we have had so many offers from various wheel brands and some have been rather tempting, but for our build we really want something a little different to the usual designs that are a copy and paste from one brand to another.


The inspiration behind the F-1R, Formula 1 Selection of race wheels,

We are avid Formula-1 fans and have been for a long time, we also have a huge passion for bespoke wheels and they really do not get any better than the super lightweight F1 Magnesium race wheels, from O.Z Racing, BBS, Rays Engineering and Enkei have all made some stunning designs, our personal favourites are from O.Z Racing, the fact we have seen these wheels being manufactured back in the early 90's left an everlasting impression, so that is the design that we really want to pay homage to on our own build, the fact the design is a stunner is the added bonus.

For our BMW Z4 GT3 we are running 11x19 front and 13x19 rear, the decision we have to make will be whether we build a super lightweight wheel and use Magnesium or build a more conventional more affordable aluminium forged option with titanium hardware as it's a design we can make from both materials, we will also be producing in 1 piece monoblock in magnesium and aluminium forged.

13x19 GT3RR F1R Matte Black Centre, satin black outer reverse rim, Titanium hardware


The GT3RR design is also available in all sizes and widths besides the 19" we have chosen, with every application catered for, with every finish option available, all will come with the Motorsport and GT3RR branding around the rim as shown.

Sizes & Widths 8x18 - 8.5x18 - 9x18 - 9.5x18 - 10x18 - 10.5x18 - 11x18 - 11.5x18 - 12x18 - 12.5x18 - 13x18

8x19 - 8.5x19 - 9x19 - 9.5x19 - 10x19 - 10.5x19 - 11x19 - 11.5x19 - 12x19 - 12.5x19 - 13x19

8x20 - 8.5x20 - 9x20 - 9.5x20 - 10x20 - 10.5x20 - 11x20 - 11.5x20 - 12x20 - 12.5x20 - 13x20

8x21- 8.5x21 - 9x21 - 9.5x21 - 10x21 - 10.5x21 - 11x21 - 11.5x21 - 12x21 - 12.5x21 - 13x21

Available Finishes

F1 Silver, F1 Brushed, F1 Black & Polished, F1 Gold, F1 Bronze, F1 Black (Matte, Gloss, Satin) F1 White, with a huge choice of colours on request.

Custom widths are also available above 13" wide, and 22" sizes and widths will be added at a later date, and all wheels are manufactured with hidden titanium hardware, and every application will be available, with the usual bespoke options also available on request, we just can not wait for the wheels to be on the car, roll on 2019.

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