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Ferrari 488 GTB, Hyper Forged Wheels

The Ferrari 488 is one of the world’s most beautiful cars, Ferrari never seem to fail they produce the most aesthetically pleasing looking cars, new models always better than the one they are to replace, look at the model line up, 348, 355, 360 Modena, F430, 458, all stunning examples, with each one better than the one it replaced, in every detail, so you would think with something so beautiful it would be difficult to make any improvements on the look of a factory Ferrari, well you would be wrong.

A couple of areas you can make improvements is the stance and the wheels, like they say wheels maketh the car and its true even with the mighty looking Ferrari models. with this particular example has being re-shoed with our Hyper Forged LC5 which has enhanced its beauty to another level.

The finish chosen was Brushed Anodised Black, with anodised Matte Black outer inner and outer barrels, with titanium hardware, in sizes 9.5x21 and 12.5x22 wrapped in 255/30R21 and 335/25R22 Pirelli Tyres front and rear respectively.

For more details on this wheel upgrade or our carbon fibre aero styling package, or Inconel bespoke exhaust system for the Ferrari 488 get in touch. or give us a call +44 (0) 121 769 0169 and let us transform the look of your pride and joy

Ferrari 488 GTB Fitted with Hyper Forged LC5 Matte Black

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