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Toyota Supra Wide Body Builds

In the space of a couple months we have a total of four Speedwells blown out wide bodies being constructed, we have already discussed in detail Sean Reid’s beautifully prepared Porsche Slate Grey example, which is not far off being finished, its one we were desperate to photo-shoot before the weather turned, but Sean has been really busy with work and trying to get the car finished, so we may not see this stunner until the new year and winter is over, disappointing but this happens with most long term builds.

Sean Reid and his Speedwells Wide Body Supra in Prep

Sean Reid and his Speedwells Wide Body Supra in Preparation

Our second build belongs to Nizam Chowdury from County Durham, we haven’t been privy to this particular build, but we are reliably informed it is going pretty well, so no doubt we will report on this build as we get more news in, its a home build so one we are always keen to show case.

Next Level Automotive Speedwells Supra Build

Speedwells Supra, Sitting waiting to be caressed with paint, at Next Level Automotive

Our third build is our crew from the Netherlands, Next Level Automotive, these boys have just impressed us no end, as per our last blog post they pretty much fitted the kit within 4 days to perfection, the install has now been primered and will be left for 3 to 4 weeks before the guys hit the body fineness stage getting it ready for paint, thats a stage we are really looking forward to seeing.

Our fourth and final build is Thomas Larsen from Denmark who has just started to mock fit the rear end of the bumper and rear quarter panels, getting them perfected before they get bonded into position, as we have found out Thomas is a bit of a perfectionist and this build is being done at his home, so it’s going to be caressed and no doubt will be panel perfect before it heads in to the paint shop, it looks like this will be a long winter build and one we are going to follow closely as Thomas looks for the perfect fitment, as with all these types of builds panel fit and panel gap is paramount, a factor that Thomas is extremely keen to get spot on, which is a credit to how he is approaching his build, and as this is the first of its kind in the Scandinavian market, we are pleased to find some one so meticulous in their detail.

Thomas Larsen from Denmark, build in progress of his Speedwells Wide Body Supra, the first of its kind for the Scandinavian market.

We are extremely lucky to have so many builds happening at once, all striving to build the best wide body Toyota Supra, it one car that seems to be growing in popularity once again with the level of enquiries we have on the aero pack on a weekly basis.

For more details on the ultimate enhancement for your own Supra, get in touch with us today, come and join the world’s most desirable Supra team, Speedwells.

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