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Speedwells Supra + Next Level Automotive = Perfection.

We we did not think we would be revisiting Next Level Automotive build so quickly, but these guys just do not hang around, within days of collecting the bulging biceps of the blown out Supra wide body kit, these boys have already fitted the kit in a total of 4 days, all that is left to do is slight adjustments on the front fenders and then obviously the bodywork side of the conversion, which is a little more time consuming, but these guys know their craft so we are only expecting perfection.

Next Level Automotive, Speedwells Wide Body Supra

To say we are flabbergasted is a bit of an understatement, we always knew Jan was a cool cookie, building some absolute show stoppers, but his skill and craft are pretty awesome to see, especially when its one of our own, we feel privileged to be working with him, even Iby the designer of the blown out beauty is extremely impressed with Jan's 4 day turn around fitting this kit, we must also credit Iby as its a testament to him personally for getting the fitment perfected and also the manufacturing skills our of composite team that produce such a great fitting high quality kit, when all the experts come together, they create magic.

Next Level Automotive, Speedwells Wide Body Supra

Speedwells Wide Body Supra, under construction at Next Level Automotive

Next Level Automotive, Speedwells Wide Body Supra

Another little detail we are now privy to is the colour this particular Supra build will be painted in, but unsure at the moment if we can share that information, but its one we are very excited to see as we have yet to see this colour adorn the muscular lines of a Speedwells converted Supra and we are always one for something different, we want as many colours possible on this build, we are just waiting for someone to build a yellow with black details to hit the streets, but were pretty happy with Jan's Choice.

The next one to hit the streets should be our good friend Sean Reid and his impeccable Porsche grey beauty, we just cant wait to shoot that beast.

We will be posting more on the Next Level Automotive build as we get the information come in.

We use the slogan Teamwork Makes the Dream work moto quite frequent at VAD, and working with this crew of people never has that statement been so apt.


Address: Pascalstraat 13e, Reeuwijk, Netherlands

Tel: +31 6 304 039 98


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