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Next Level Automotive

Next Level Automotive Toyota Supra

This week we finally got to meet Jan and his crew from Next Level Automotive who are based in the Netherlands, and what a delightful bunch they are, Jan had ordered the Speedwells wide body supra aero kit a couple of weeks previously and his plan was to kill two birds with one stone, to collect his kit and meet the VAD & speedwell team.

Jan is renowned within the Benelux area for his Toyota Supra creations, builds some real show stoppers over the years, he is a man that knows his craft exceedingly well and as you can see his work speaks for itself, with customers coming far and wide for him to apply his craft. We have known about his high quality builds for some time, so its nice to finally have him on-board representing our brands.

He had an extremely early start on Tuesday morning to make the channel tunnel crossing from the Netherlands to the UK, pulling up at Speedwells around midday, the amusement of us looking at his transport thinking how on earth is this huge wide body Supra kit going to fit in that extremely small caddy van, with Jan explaining the day before he had trial fitted another kit, so knew exactly how it all had to go in, and interlock and we were pleased to report it fitted... just.

Ridox wide body Supra, built and painted in--house at Next Level Automotive

We are always on the look out to work with talented people and companies and Jan fits in perfectly with how we operate, he works hard and creates high quality builds, so he will be a great extension for our brand across the Benelux area, not only selling out product, but having the right skill set to fit the parts too, the fact it hasn't even been a week since the kit was collected and the kit has been mocked up in place, with the rear quarter panels cut and bonded into place, which is pretty impressive.

The Speedwell Supra kit will be available for the Benelux market exclusively through Next Level Automotive along with all of the VAD products, so if you want our products and want it expertly fitted and your in and around the Benelux area then get in touch with Jan and let him work his magic, we can assure you of one thing, you will not be disappointed.


Address: Pascalstraat 13e, Reeuwijk, Netherlands

Tel: +31 6 304 039 98


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