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BMW Z4 GT3 for the road

As we are building our very own BMW e89 chassis Z4 GT3 racer for the road we are always interested in other people builds from around the world, we know there are a couple of builds happening in the USA for SEMA 2018 and from what we have seen so far they have taken the same route of every other road going Z4 GT3, that route is the the easy route which is to manipulate the fenders front and rear to bring the arch gap closer to the tyre, its not something we personally dislike, but its no something we are looking to do in our own build, but we much prefer to go down the same path as Robert Šenkýř and his beautifully prepared BMW Z4 road going GT3.


There is a lot of fabrication involved in building the Z4 GT3. its not a plug and play, just to fit a nice chunky tyre up front calls for modifications and fabrication, as the head lights get in the way, so lots of work in this particular area, you then have the suspension, there is not a system on the shelf that will work with this conversion, you have to work with custom manufactured units, we have the perfect coilover suspension set up now after months and months of development, wheel and tyre are also a critical part of this conversion, so lots to look into before you dive in and buy the cheapest kit you can find on the market.

Its been an extremely long process for us and we still have a way to go, but its been a pretty big challenge and now we know what it entails the next build will be so much quicker, its not just the bodywork for us, we have also had the task of installing the V8, which is not as straight forward as people think, we wanted to go down the E65 V8 engine install route, but our budget at the time would only allow us to look at the LS3 V8, which has been some extra work configuring the BMW iDrive with the LS engine, but when you have people like Emerald M3D they take the pain out of the electronic side of the conversion, and we are extremely pleased with the outcome of the build, especially the engine side of this conversion.

As we have found out building a couple of Motorsport GT conversions for the road, with the Ferrari 458, Nissan GTR GT3 and the Porsche GT3R, the aero is designed for track use, so for road use you need to make necessary fabrication to make this road friendly along with the other fundamentals, of the chassis modifications, wheel and tyre choice, once you get this recipe correct then you have one sublime road going GT3 styled stunner.

There are 2 styles of GT3 for the Z4. the first evolution of the conversion, this is seems is a kit that is available from various people around the world, we have seen them all and we can honestly say its a mine field, so do your home work. In 2013 BMW gave the aero a tweak, this is classed at the 2013+ kit and this is he one to have, its wider and a much better look and conversion, but only available in carbon fibre, which seems to put a lot of customers off, as the price of the kit is pretty much the price of the car, but when you consider the original race cars are being sold on the used race car market for £150k+ for one with a hard life and £170k+ for the best example, but they are not road legal and can only be driven on the track, so when they then consider the price of the base car, the kit, wheels tyres, suspension, fitting and painting and its road legal its well worth the investment, roll of 2019.


So what is needed to build the ultimate BMW Z4 GT3 look road car, its a build you can make as cheap or as expensive as you want it to be, we have taken our build to the next level, as we wanted the brutal V8 sound track to match those muscular good looks.

The aero kit consists of the following parts:

Front bumper, front splitter, front canards, vented bonnet ( Hood) side fenders, side skirts, rear quarter panels, rear bumper, rear diffuser, rear bumper mesh, Front bumper mesh.

Optional extras:

Rear boot mounted wing assembly ( 2x carbon Blades, 2x wing supports, 2x end plates, plus fixings, 3 piece forged wheels with ultra high performance tyres in sizes 10x19 > 265/35R19 Front sizes 13x19 > 345/30R19 rear sizes, custom coilover suspension.

We can also take on full builds to include a full V8 engine installation, LS3, LS7 or S65 if required.

get in touch with us today to discuss your individual requirements, for your ultimate road going BMW Z4 road going GT3.

BMW Z4 GT3 LS3 V8 engine instalation for road going conversion

Click the link below to view our BMW Z4 GT3 V8 aero conversion

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