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Kremer Racing K3R

Lots of excitement around the launch of Porsche incredible 935 that has been launched in homage to the 935/78 Moby Dick, and why not it’s a master piece, based on the incredible 991 GT2-RS chassis with 700hp at a cost of £750k with 77 pieces set to be produced, Porsche with yet another masterpiece for its 70th anniversary, but whilst everyone is drawn to the all-new 935, its made us appreciate the original homage to the amazing Porsche 935 ... the awe-inspiring Kremer Racing K3R.

We have covered this particular Kremer creation before back in January when we went to visit them in Germany, but we feel this car is worthy of a revisit, because as we have seen it in person we can confirm, it’s a complete master piece.

It was the brain child of Eberhard A. Baunach, owner of the modern day Kremer racing, he approached Holger Zimmerman of Zimspeed to create the modern day K3 based on the 997 chassis, Holger’s father Ekkehard Zimmermann owns DP Motorsport and pretty much built every original Kremer Racing 935 K3 body work and beat Porsche at their own game, so the history behind the build is pretty legendary, and to say that Holger created a master piece is such understated comment, up close and personal the car is just incredible, and considering they based this on the 997, the similarity to the older 930 cars is a testament to what he has created, seeing them both side by side you can see his creation is pretty spot on, considering it’s not only a different chassis but a different era.

Kremer Racing K3R

There are 2 base models at the moment, a track car and a road car, with a further 997 Turbo about to join the line-up and this is the one that we feel will launch the model right into the public eye. Big power and small modifications to allow a not only a wider wheel, but also a much larger tyre set up, as well as all the modification to help the air feed the rear inter coolers, its one car that we have seen take shape, but have been unable to discuss, but that’s all about to change.

It one car that we feel we just have to build for the UK market, we already have the theme we want to build it around, its just a case of clearing the decks and being given the Kremer green light.

View the Kremer K3R in our on-line gallery

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