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Alloy Wheel Refurb, Speedwells

There seems to be so many companies lately offering their services to refurbish alloy wheels, new companies seem to open on a monthly basis with an equal amount of companies closing the doors.

We only use one company now and we personally wouldn't go anywhere else, and that is Speedwells Refurb, the Refinishing wheel specialist based in Birmingham.

Iby has been in the Motor Trade for the best part of 30 years and has been on the Refurbishing side for the last 10 and the business has just gone from strength to strength, you only have to look at the cars he puts together throughout the years, they have all just oozed quality, he applies that same craft, quality and ethics to his business of refurbishing alloy wheels.

We recently dropped of a couple of sets of wheels that needed to be refurbed, a few love affairs with the local kerbstones, that play havoc with the look of a wheel so we are very lucky to have speedwells on our doorstep, it was on the last visit that I couldn't help but be drawn to a set of new Work Miesters, I thought Iby had bought them for his 280ZX wide body build that he is putting together, the fact is he hadn't bought them for himself and the wheels were new, in fact they were a few years old and he had them in to split and refurbish, and to say they were impeccable was an understatement, the finish was simply breath taking and as new.

Work Meister Wheels

We have taken pictures just to showcase what Speedwells can do with your wheels and why we use him, his work speaks volumes, and if you have a set of wheels that you need to refinish, or have a buckle, bend, kerb rash, cracked wheels, need diamond cutting or just need a general freshen up, make over or colour change, this is the company to use, as we have already said...we wouldn't go anywhere else.

The new Speedwells Bronze finish available in Matte or Gloss being applied to a set of BBS wheels

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