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Dom Miles Design stunning Porsche 996 wide body

A few months back we did a post about a build a friend of ours was doing on his 996, at the time we had some fantastic feedback on the look that Dom was creating, albeit the front end has come in for some subtle changes here and there since our last discussion and we must say the final rendition of Dom’s vision is very aesthetically pleasing to the eye, we personally love the 996, but we know that it’s like Marmite you either love it or you don’t, there is no sitting on the fence, but Dom’s new creation changes that, I defy anyone that could look at this 996 and say they don’t like it... we dare you.

In true wide body Porsche tradition, the wider body on this 996 just looks spectacular, it really is dramatic, and this particular look reminds us of the old Le-man’s GT2R racers, but with a slightly milder softer look, which could be the colour choice for this immense daily road car, and we could not think of a better colour for this build, it shows every detail whilst enhancing that derrière to absolute perfection, white its just so fresh.

So what has Dom done to this 996 and what does the wider look consist of. Well the first thing your eyes are drawn to is the width of this stunner, we particularly like how the side rockers tie in and flow from the front the front fenders in to the blown out rear, there are so many ways to do this, but this looks fresh, the front and rear bumpers are nice and deep and have just the right amount of vents and cut outs, we love the less is more approach on the bumper set up Dom decided on, with a very subtle front splitter, but a very aggressive rear engine cover and rear wing assembly, which for us just works perfectly with that super wide rear end.

The last details to finish off the look is a set of super wide Niche wheels, not to our taste, but wheels are a personal choice, so all is forgiven, most will like them, but we have other ideas for what we would fit a set of super lightweight GT3RR forged race wheels, we can see the FM1R or the GTRS design right at home on this build, there are a huge selection of wheel designs available in either 17"18” or 19” sizes with lots of finish options, so its a case of choosing your design for your own build, but your going to need 13" 14" rear wheels with 335, 345 or 355 tyres to complete the look.

This aero pack will be going into production, so if you fancy overhauling your Porsche 996, as it may be looking a little tiered, or you just fancy this wider look then get in-touch for further details, we can already see this build in various colours and different wheel set up, time to start hunting for our very own Porsche 996.

Kudos Dom you have built an absolutely stunning 996, we have enjoyed following the build journey, and the finished result is spectacular, you certainly get the VAD seal of approval.

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