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Speedwells Wide Body Supra hits the market, sells immediately.

The Toyota Supra in Speedwell wide body format is a bit of a unicorn, especially on UK roads, the chances of seeing one on the road is pretty remote, but as more builds are taking place that will change over time, every other day we get an enquiry of a customer looking to enhance their Supra with the Speedwell aero, which is amazing considering the Supra is rare with such a cult status, with prices soaring, with the Speedwell version holding is value extremely well in the used modified car market.

A couple of years back Iby built a second wide body Supra, it was a none turbo and purchased for the sole purpose to be come his daily commuter to and from HQ, plans were already being cooked up and it was quickly fitted with its signature enhanced wide body look, painted up in gloss black and sitting on his old weds wheels that used to adorn his immaculate red example, Just as he was planning his Lexus V8 engine install the plan changed and Lawrence Duckers snapped up the car, he knew that these converted Supra's do not come up for sale very often, so if you want an immaculate prepared example you have to act quickly.

Lawrence has owned the car for the last couple of years, but decided a couple of days ago to put the car up for sale, and within a couple of days the car was sold, and we are pleased to hear a return on his investment, which is a testament to how good this conversion really is, so we ask...why is the Speedwells brand so strong in the Supra world.

We believe the fact he built one of the finest twin turbos the country has seen, possibly even across

Europe, we certainly haven't seen a better one that the original Red beauty, we featured the car in various disguises over the years and it was flawless, his quest for perfection was admirable, the quality of parts used and finish of the car was pretty awe-inspiring, this with the fact the aero design actually enhances the oem body lines rather than ruins them like so many other conversions on the market, from every viewing point the Speedwells just looks perfect, it also been built to house serious wheel and tyre width, which helps considerably with the big HP Supra conversions.

The conversion seems to be getting more and more popular, with demand and enquiries coming in from other parts of the world, The kit consists of the usual parts needed for a wide body conversion, 8 pieces total for the basic aero kit: front bumper, front fenders, side rockers, rear quarter panels, rear bumper, as with all aero kits we have the optional extras which include front lower splitter, rear ducktail, 19" forged wheels sized 10.5x19 front and 13x19 rear.

Fell free to get in touch for any information required on this conversion, not only does it look good, but holds its value well within the current modified car market, time to go Supra shopping.

SPEEDWELLS, The ultimate enhancement for the Toyota Supra

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