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VAD VM1 Forged 2 piece

This week has seen us take delivery of a set of our Forged VAD VM1 wheels for our good friend Sean, that will be fitted to his amazing Speedwells Wide Body Toyota Supra, and we are happy that he was so persistent with this design, its getting on a bit and we did try and influence our all new Version 2 of the wheel, but he stuck to his guns and was relentless in his pursuit of our original design.

This particular wheel design is now the best part of seven years old, but it still looks fresh in today’s market, it’s a design that looks good on any vehicle, you just cant go wrong with a mesh style design, its no wonder that BBS stick to their tried and tested design.

13x19 2-Piece VAD Forged VM1, Matte Black Centre, Gloss Black Rim

The VM1 comes in various configurations and what we have added to our line up over the last few years is 2 piece version, which is lighter and less prone to leaks than its 3 piece brother, as well as being a slightly cheaper option, available in all of the concave profiles, we prefer the look of the spokes having the extended legs, rather than when the spokes sit on top of the flange of the wheel, but this concave configuration of the extended legs is a heavier set up so its personal choice depending on the look you want and the intended application.

We offer this design in 18” 19” 20” 21” & 22” with a 24” option available on request, available now in 1, 2 or 3-piece construction with a super lightweight forged magnesium 2-piece option now available in 18” 19” & 20” sizes, for road or track use.

We look forward to seeing these wheels enhance Sean's Supra, check back in to follow the journey of this epic build.

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