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BonnerFX gets up close and personal with the APAC built VAD wide body GTR

The APAC wide body VAD GTR was completed a few weeks back, and we are pleased to say it went down extremely well, but all car launches need a bit of "je ne sais quoi" and James from Bonner-FX add just that.

APAC Wide body VAD Design GTR GT1, By Bonner FX

The APAC crew are well known for their high quality work, and you can tell just from the images that the guys uploaded on a daily basis across their media platform that this conversion oozes perfection, its their signature quality that the company is renown for, James job was to make sure he captured this extremely high that on film and with the photoshoot, and doing what James does best we would say, its mission accomplished, when perfection meets perfection, magical things happen.

Its been great teaming up with the guys at APAC and Bonner-FX on this build and we look forward to the next one, maybe our Ichiban GTR GT3RR could be the next contender, watch this space.

Auto Performance Aesthetics Centre (APAC) Immense wide body GTR

APAC on the move, James from BonnerFX capture the moment

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