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Magnesium Forged Wheels

For the past few months, we have been involved in a rather exciting GTR build, that GTR belongs to our good friend Anthony Gaylard, most GTR, in fact, most car enthusiasts will know all about Anthony's rather epic GTR and his 2017 assault around the famous green hell, the Nordschleife, aka, the Nurburgring, with the guys from Lichfield Automotive and their push to crack the 14.2-mile circuit in under 7 minutes which they achieved.

Although we are privy to the build, we cannot report much at the moment, as the build is being kept well under wraps, plus we have been sworn to secrecy, but what we can talk about is the GTR will be running some of our carbon fibre aero goodies along with our Forged Magnesium 2-piece wheel.

The wheel measures 12.5" in width and 21" in diameter, offsets are bespoke for the build, but we need aggressive offsets to fill out the extra 4" of width front and rear that the new parts give, so we are pleasantly surprised at the wheel coming in just under the 11 kg in weight, the benefit of using magnesium forged wheels.

12.5x21 Forged Magnesium Wheel

Not only do magnesium wheels weigh significantly less than a forged aluminium wheel, the weight is merely the starting point, forged magnesium wheels have superior benefits over aluminium forged wheels, which also include a lower unsprung rotating mass, a lighter wheel is much easier to spin and to stop, due to a lower momentum of inertia, improved acceleration, shorter stopping distance, better handling, longer life for brakes, tyres and all suspension components, as well as better braking efficiency, magnesium wheels also allow for faster heat dissipation which prevents overheating of the wheel and tyre assembly.

This is one GTR we cannot wait to share with the world so if you wish to follow the launch then check back in for updates as they happen next week when the car is released and goes racing.

Our Magnesium forged wheels are available in a huge range of sizes, 18" 19" 20" 21" with a huge range of widths, finishes and applications, we also offer a hybrid 2 piece wheel with forged magnesium centre and a carbon fibre barrel, please get in touch with us for more details on our line up and what we can do for your road or track vehicle.

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