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KAZE Centre Lock, new designs.

Our journey with the Revel wheels / Kaze Centre Lock crew started with our interest in their RVL IRA custom forged mesh design, the old school look with the super modern twist was a must for some builds we had lined up and getting hold of a set, seeing them up close and personal for a 350Z that we had built got us further excited for a build that was happening over at our friends at MSL Customs, so it wasn't long before we were ordering up another set for their Porsche 964 RSR build they are constructing, as we assisted with the wider aero upgrades and the 18" centre lock wheels that will adorn the car was a nice addition.

Well they are back with not one but two new designs and they are both stunning, our personal favourite is the VT06F 6 spoke, its a beauty and a very welcome addition to our RVL line up.

The second design SP07F is a 7 split spoke design, which is a classic mesh style. Both designs are available with the amazing patent pending centre lock adapter and available in all the usual widths, finishes and concave configurations, in sizes 17" 18" 19" & 20"

Get in touch with us today to discuss any RVL, KAZE Centre Lock build enquiry.

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