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Lucas Dulski Photography

One thing we love about what we do is meeting various people within our industry, from owners to enthusiasts, Videographers to Photographers, so it always good to me a fellow Porsche enthusiast as well as a talented Photographer, Lucas Dulski.

Porsche 997 Turbo-R

The Speedwells Porsche 997 Turbo-R

Lucas got in touch with us as he desperately wanted to see the Speedwells 997 Turbo-R up close and personal, but he wanted to shoot the Turbo-R too, and after taking a delve into his past work, we would have been silly not to let him indulge in his passion of taking photos of all things Porsche.

After organising and deciding on a date to suit all parties, Lucas took the drive down from Chester for his preferred night shoot and it’s a shoot we also wanted to try as the Turbo looks so sinister with its murdered out black look, which is about to change in the coming weeks, so we were intrigued to see how this shoot would turn out and it didn't disappoint, Lucas certain has skills behind the lens, with a meticulous attention to detail.

We had a very long but enjoyable evening shooting the Speedwells Turbo-R, starting in the heart of Solihull in Birmingham getting pictures as dusk fell, then driving around finding other cool locations to shoot the car, my personal favourite was a car park next to Touchwood shopping centre, it was such cool location as night time fell.

For anyone looking for a great photographer we can highly recommend Lucas, he knows exactly how a car should be pictured, all you have to do it bring your vehicle of choice and let him do what he does best which is getting creative, but don't take our word for it, check out his work on Facebook & Instagram pages. Until next time Lucas.

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