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M Speed Nissan R34 GTR

M Speed R34 GTR

As a company, we are always looking for standalone products that can sit alongside our own product that we produce, and sometimes we like to revisit the old products from yesteryear, especially the ones that slipped under the radar. A conversion that stands out that we frequently look back at is the beautiful conversion that was offered by M Speed Japan for the R34 Nissan GT-R, this was a wide body in its finest form, and one we still admire some 10 years later, and although the R34 has now reached cult status the pricing on the GTR has gone well north, some of the prices we have come across are just plain crazy, but as with all the Japanese 90’s super cars they are all turning into a collectors dream with prices soaring.

There is always people that are going to be into modifying and for the very few that would actually put their R34 under the knife, this wide body dry carbon goodness is still available. So what aero parts do you need to convert your standard R34 GTR into this immense track GT500 inspired widebody beast: Front bumper, front splitter, bumper canards, brake duct, wider front vented fenders, side rockers, rear quarter panels, rear bumper.

Option extras include a rear diffuser, rear wing assembly, side exhaust, carbon fibre dash. added to this we can offer lightweight forged or magnesium wheels, coilover suspension, as well as other tuning options that are available.

The kit has never been exported outside of Japan, so if you fancy turning your R34 into a track inspired race GTR, then get in touch and we will make it happen.

The M Speed Nissan R34 GTR Wide Body

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