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Speedwells Wide Body Supra, by Sean Reid

Over the past couple of years, we have seen the speedwells wide body aero kit for the Toyota Supra gather some momentum, since we have added the aero to our website we have had lots of interest, it helps when current owners like Lawrence Duckers are out and about with his amazing Black Wide Body, which seems to look better every time we see the car across various media platforms, Iby certainly built a stunner when he put this one together and it’s good to see that Lawrence is putting his own stamp on the build, adding more power with a turbo install, and we are sure there is more to come from this particular Supra.

There is a new build happening and we have been privy too and it’s a beauty, Sean Reid is the man responsible for yet another UK build and from what we have seen so far we are excited by this one.

Sean's Black Supra before the mods

The base car he sourced was from Ireland, a beautiful black example which before he purchased had just had a fresh coat of paint and it was a stunning example, many people would be asking why cut up a perfectly good base car, but when your friend is Iby from Speedwells it all starts to make sense, let’s just say when it comes to modifying cars he is a bad influence, and Sean himself is no stranger to the modified scene, his daily driver is a lowered Murdered out Audi Avant, sitting on super wide concave wheels , so the Supra didn't stand a chance of a standard life once it come into Sean’s life, but as we always say at VAD, a stock car is a boring car.

The reason this build caught our eye was colour choice, which is a classic Grey from the Porsche colour range, its very reminiscent to the Lamborghini Grigio Telesto or the Audi Nardo Grey, which we like, especially now this colour is adorned on his wide body Supra, this is one colour that will show off all of the details that can be hidden by a darker colour.

Sean's Build process of the Speedwells Wide Body Supra

A special build needs a special wheel and as reported in our previous email Sean has decided on our very own VAD VM1 mesh style design, its and old design now, but like all good mesh designs get them right and they are timeless, and this is one build we can wait to see fitted with our design.

Sean is a man after our own heart when it comes to colour for his wheel set up, as he is going with a matte black centre with gloss black barrels, chrome studs, in sizes 10.5x19 front and 13x19 rear, this is one beauty we just can’t wait to see all finished down the camera lens.

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