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Players Classic Show, Goodwood Motor Circuit 2018.

The past weekend saw us head down to Goodwood Motor Circuit for the Players Classic Show with our good buddy Iby from Speedwells Refinishers, as the Porsche 997 Turbo-R was to be displayed on the Bilstein UK stand, they are our sponsor for the all new GT3RR brand and the R is first vehicle to wear the Bilstein brand in the form of the PSS10 Coilover set up, which is a welcome addition to this epic build.

Speedwells Turbo-R on route to Players Classic Show, at the Good Wood Circuit

It was an early 5.30am start for us on the Saturday morning with the final checks being done to the car before 180 mile trip to the famous circuit, the car didn’t disappoint it was flawless on route, it really is a special car, its comfortable, super fast, with supreme handling, a true thoroughbred GT car, which happens to ride so much better than a standard Porsche 997 turbo, which we were a little surprised by considering its fitted with the race specification GT3R adjustable rose jointed suspension arms, the ride quality is helped by the slightly over sized tyres that this Turbo-R is fitted with, which has been well worth the headache making this wheel and tyre combination work as it should on this build, which has certainly been tested to the maximum this weekend on the roads of Portsmouth, especially the 25 minute journey from the circuit to our hotel, as we must of encountered some of the worst stretch of pot holed roads the UK has to offer, but happy to report the Turbo-R coped extremely well.

With this being the time at the players Goodwood show we didn't know what to expect, it didn't disappoint with some amazing vehicles on display, the set out of the show has a real bespoke feeling to it, with the entrance tunnel of the show setting the scene, we must say the players crew certainly know how to set up a show, with various cars hitting the Goodwood Motor Circuit for some timed laps, it was the perfect day, fantastic weather, music, with some good company.

Goodwood Motor Circuit

Players Classic Show, Goodwood Motor Circuit 2018

At the end of a first day we head back to the Hotel in convoy with the Matt Clifford of Reflex Auto Design, and their Old & New 997 slant nose, seeing these cars together was awe-inspiring, both 997 chassis, but each with their own unique look and sound, just such a good sight and one we just had to capture, so before we headed out for food we had an hour with the cars chatting and shooting some pictures of these epic machines.

The second day was just as good with even more cars arriving, to the point they opened up the main circuit to display a huge selection of cars from every marquee, as there would be no track day blasts on the Sunday, so the cars lined up in unison along the circuit. Amongst the huge array of cars was our customer Andy Meek who managed to grab a top 10 for best wheels, with his Nissan 350Z, wheels we had supplied 2 weeks previously, it did look incredible sitting on its 9.5x19 & 11x19 RVL IRA forged 3 piece with their exclusive centre lock mechanism, the very first set to hit European shores.

Andy Meek's Nissan 350Z Fitted With 19" Centre Lock RVL Forged 3 piece Wheels

The whole feel to the show was incredible, and it was great to hang out with the Bilstein crew, with our buddy Luke from Plush Automotive turning up on the stand with his amazing Audi for the Sunday.

We can wait for next year, this is one show we can’t wait to get back too, this time the Turbo-R will have some company, in the shape of our BMW Z4 GT3 V8, now that’s a mouth-watering prospect.

Amazing shot of the Speedwells Turbo-R, from LB Photography

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