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ICHIBAN GTR, on the move.

Back in April of this year Brandon of Woyshnis Media paid our good friend Bryce Jenkins a visit at his new home in Colorado Springs, Colorado, he proceeded to blow us away with a photoshoot of the Ichiban GTR over a three day period and as we knew they would be, the images were breathtaking.

Well we are happy to report after a bit of a wait he most definitely saved the best till last, as on the fourth day he went out with Bryce video shooting, and boy oh boy has he give us a treat. What we love most about Woyshnis Media and Brandon's work is that he tells a story, a story that you feel part of, but don't take our word for it, Grab the popcorn, hit play, sit back and enjoy the movie.

Bryce Jenkins and his ICHIBAN GTR

Ichiban GTR wide body, 12x20 > 325/30R20 front / 14x20 > 345/30R20 Rear

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