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The Porsche 996 Makeover

We are huge Porsche fanatics at VAD, it’s a very special brand, if we had our way and the funds of course we would have every model across the range, modified to the maximum of course, like them or loathe them you can ignore the fact in racing form they produce some of the best looking cars on the planet, with what we have planned for the future with the 997R and the 991R is really exciting, especially with how well the Speedwells Turbo-R turned out in true road going form.

Porsche 996 GT2R Evo

When Porsche launched the 996, they had a very mixed reaction, they obviously listened as when they launched the 997 it resembled the more successful 964 / 993 chassis than it did the 996, so for those customers that would like the more affordable 996 model but, but are but are put off over the way it looks, we have a makeover solution.

The main area of concern is the lights, so people go to the lengths of fitting the 997 front end, but our makeover incorporates the 997 front lights with a full wide body aero package, the GT2R EVO, and it’s a beauty,

The basics of the aero kit is a wider version of the RSR aero kit, it will fit all of the 996 chassis, Turbo or none turbo, standard or wide body, the only difference will be the rear flare, as the Turbo and GT2 models have the Turbo side vents there are two sets of flares available for turbo or none turbo models, the rest of the kit will be the same.

Kit consists of the following parts:

Front bumper, front splitter, front fenders, fender top vents, side skirts, rear flares, rear bumper.

Optional extras include:

Rear diffuser, rear ducktail engine cover, rear wing assembly, 2 Piece or 3 piece forged wheels, in sizes 11x18 front, 13x18 rear, 19” are also available on request in various designs and material, with a hybrid carbon and magnesium wheel being added to our Motorsport range of wheels, as well as super light weight 2 piece Magnesium wheels, for road or race applications.

Get in touch with us today for find out further details on this Porsche 996 upgrade. All parts are manufactured in carbon fibre or GRP is also available on request.

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