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Coventry Motofest 2018

This past Sunday saw us head out to the Coventry Motofest with our buddies Iby and Taj from Speedwells Refinishers and Perfections Midland, its a show that seems to get bigger and bigger every year, with more o.e manufacturers joining the event as well as the tuning scene, with every marquee presented on individual stands around the streets of Coventry city centre, it was a great day with lots of beautiful cars on display, as well some cars hitting the track that had been made up from the main fly over and under pass roads, the noise was intoxicating.

Alcon Brake Stand, Coventry Motofest

The Alcon stand was the first stand that we were in awe of, sitting middle of the stand was Roger Clark Gobstopper 11, which is mind blowing up close, such an epic machine, just not as epic as the 920bhp RS200 of Pat Doran, we have seen this in various stages of build throughout the years, but this was the car of the show for us, epic is an understatement, its truly is breath taking up close, the details on every part of this car is very special, and another brute of a car running on the Alcon brakes, this company and its product are leading the way, our good friend Anthony Gaylard with him incredible Nissan GTR GT3 build that we are involved with also set up with the Alcon braking system.

Another car that sat on the Alcon Brake stand was the freshly built E30 M3, owner Phil Morris of Drift works and what a very special car, our good friend Craig Taylor of Dynotorque did the S65 V8 engine install and as you would expect it all looks factory, this car really is a bit special, as usual Driftworks have put together another amazing build, which is what we have come to expect from this crew.

Nissan GTR Stand, Coventry Motofest 2018

The Nissan GTR stand had a pretty spectacular line up, with a range of R32, R33 & R34 all present, the R32 stood out as it was an original wide body Evolution 111 factory car, imported from Veilside Japan and it was impeccable, as was the Midnight Purple R33 and beautifully prepared white R34.

We caught up with Matt Clifford from Reflex Design with his Rothmans OLD & NEW slant nose on display, and as always it was drawing the crowds down at Fargo Village, we will be back next year, but this time we will be armed with our own cars to display.

Fargo Village, Coventry Motofest 2018

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