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VAD Forged VM1 + Speedwells wide body Aero for the Toyota Supra = Perfection

We thought some of our older forged wheel designs has started to reach the end of their life cycle, but our customers seem to disagree. Our old VM1 wheel design has seen some mileage over the years, being fitted to various cars around the world in various finishes, the wheel design that adorned our original VAD 997 RSR has done us proud, it’s still going and still in demand.

Over the last few months we have been following a build belonging to Sean Reid who happens to be a very good friend of Iby from Speedwell alloy wheel re-finishers, Sean ordered the full wide body Supra aero pack and has put together and absolute beauty, what caught our eye was the colour he has painted the Supra, which is a classic 60’s Porsche grey, which suits the conversion really well, and a colour we have yet to see on this particular wide body conversion, a choice we like ... a lot.

The wheel of choice for Sean’s build are our VAD VM1 with the concave profile, matt black centre with gloss black barrel, in sizes 10.5x19 front and 13x19 rear, its one car and build we are very much looking forward seeing this build come to fruition

VAD VF1 13X19 Matte Black Centre, Gloss Barrels

13X19 VAD VM1 custom 2 piece Forged wheel, Matte Black Centre, Gloss Black Barrel

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