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Magnesium Forged Wheels

Our Magnesium wheel sales are slowly taking off thanks to clientèle that want only the very best for their road or race car, they want the pinnacle product and that for us is Magnesium.

Our magnesium range consists of 1 piece forged monoblock, or 2 piece forged barrels with Magnesium centres, the 1 piece limited to sizes and widths, so we can not accommodate every application with the 1 piece wheel, especially the bespoke builds, but the 2 piece we can build pretty much any application.

To showcase our products we will be building a set of our 2 piece for Anthony Gaylard mighty Nissan GTR that is currently under going some major aero upgrades for another assault around the green hell, the superb Nordschleife, or Nurburgring as its fondly known, with another go at the sub 7 minute lap, and this time Anthony is holding nothing back, his GTR will be wider, with a lot more features based on aerodynamics, and with the sneak peek we have had its one awesome looking machine.

Anthony's GTR has the very best of everything, its a complete beast of a car, with Alcon supplying the adjustable peddle box as well as an all new braking system, we will reveal more of those parts when the car breaks cover.

VAD Forged Magnesium 2 piece

With the new upgrades, especially the wider front and rear bodywork he needs wheels, and for Anthony only the best will do, so we will be producing our 12x19 & 13x19 2 piece forged magnesium wheels, with titanium hardware, weight should be circa 7.9kg per wheel .

So what are the benefits of forged magnesium over forged aluminium. Magnesium is the lightest metallic structural material available, its less dense than Aluminium, so Magnesium wheels can be designed to be significantly lighter than its Aluminium counterpart, so not only is it lighter is also a stronger material.

For further details on our Magnesium line up, sizes, prices and applications, get in touch with us today, we will be happy to discuss your personal build requirements, for the road or the track we will have you covered.

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