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Speedwell Porsche 997 GT3R Bi Turbo, ready to break cover

This has been one amazing build, its been a pleasure to be involved watching the transformation over the last 6 months, seeing the the vision come to fruition, not only of a road going 997 "R" but a true road looking version of the famous "r" look, it had to be a road 997 with zero hint of track car, this is the first "R" of its kind. Our previous customers builds, Sleepers Speed Shop, Speed Concepts both building road going Turbo R's, both have the look of a race car for the road, with the huge rear wing assembly and race grills, and the lack of front indicators, DRL's, flat body under floor, race wheels, likewise with our customer Scribante Racing, who built an all out track beast, which was built to compete in various GT racing around South Africa, Iby at Speedwells wanted the opposite look, he wanted a wide body Porsche 997 Turbo with the GT3R DNA, and we must say its mission accomplished.

Porsche 997 Turbo-R

We built a similar car back in 2013, with our Turbo RSR Gen 2 and looking back we made so many mistakes, over sized wheels, incorrect stance, wrong colour choice, and generally the wrong modifications of trying to get a race kit fitted on to a road going 997 Turbo, that inexperience showed in the build, especially when you look back and compare, this build is just another level, the comparison is chalk and cheese to our own build, Iby has made modifications to the kit, but they have all been thought about methodically, and that shows, the attention to detail is just immense, with the fit and finish as we have come to expect from a speedwell built car.

This is our first shoot of many that we will be doing with the car, its one beast we just love seeing in our camera lens.

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