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Woyshnis Media, meets the Ichiban GTR .

A couple of weeks back we did a post about the completion of the wide body GTR build by Bryce Jenkins, at the time he was waiting on Brandon to arrive from Woyshnis media, If you haven’t heard of Woyshnis Media then you must of been either off social media or living under a rock, as his pictures surface on most media platforms across various pages, he’s beginning to make a bit of a name for himself and looking at what he produces, you can see why.

Ichiban wide body GTR

Brandon and Bryce are good friends, so they know what to expect from each other’s work, there is no doubt that Brandon put Bryce’s 350Z build on the global scene, but there is also no doubt that Bryce built what has to be the best looking Rocket Bunny Nissan 350Z to date, let’s face it there are quite a few around the world, but that’s not just our opinion, many people feel the same, Bryce built a monster, there really isn't another like it, so when a decent car builder meets decent photographer only magical tunings happen, we were pretty excited to see the shoot in all its glory, and he didn't disappoint.

The pictures came out just as expected, we just wish there were a thousands more, as we can just look at this GTR for hours, it’s just such a stunning now it’s all come together, white shows off all the stunning details.

I guess all good things must come to an end, but this is just the beginning for Bryce Jenkins and his amazing Nissan GTR. with Bryce hard at work, his GTR has been left in the hands of the guys at Dapper Dips Indian who will be taking care of stripping the old paint, that wasn't really done to the high quality standards Bryce sets himself, so it will be stripped painted and they are working on the livery, but before stage two is started, let’s just drool over phase one … thanks Bryce, and thank you Brando Woyshnis.

Bryce Jenkins, wide body ICHIBAN GTR

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