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KAZE + RVL, Old School Mesh Wheel Design.

For a while now we have been sieving through the markets absolutely saturated old school mesh designs, and it seems every manufacturer has a take on the design, but in typical fashion every they all pretty much copy each other, not one design really stands out from the rest, well that was until we started working with the boys at Kaze Centre Lock, they produce a wheel design called the MS20F and it’s a beauty.

We sold our first set for a Nissan 350 which will be heading into Europe over the next couple weeks, but we wanted to see what this design would look like with a concave profile, so with the help of Paul from RVL the sister company drawing up the design we get to see how this design will look, and we are so pleased, especially when the first set will be sitting on a wide body Porsche 964 being built by the MSL crew, this may even be a genuine contender for our very own BMW Z4 GT3, with the added patented centre lock system that RVL manufacture and offer.

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