OLD & NEW 997 Slant Nose European Unveiling

Back in January the RAD (Reflex Auto Design) team took delivery of the old & new Porsche 997 slant nose aero kit, and apart from pictures of the aero kit being fitting, the exhaust, the suspension, it’s been a little quite especially with regards to the paint colour or scheme, and that’s because it’s been a closely guarded secret and the guys wanted to save for the unveiling on open day, which happens to be this Sunday 25th, so if you fancy a treat and what to get up close and personal to the first every OLD & NEW 997 Slant nose then get yourself down to RAD in Daventry, this is one unveiling we can't wait to see.

OLD & NEW Porsche 997 Slant Nose

Reflex Auto Design, 2 Brunel Close, Daventry, NN11 8RB. Opens at 10.00 am, see you there.

RAD OLD & NEW 997 Slant Nose

Porsche 997 Old & New Slant Nose by Reflex Auto Design

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