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Ichiban GTR, Bryce's homage to the GT3 racer

Its been a while since we have featured Bryce Jenkins GTR and the main reason being he has simply been too busy with life, not only moving from state to state, but also moving into a new family home in Colorado Springs whist also adding new family members, in the form of Siberian Husky, not one but two, Hakosuka and the latest edition Mishimoto and as all car builders will respect you have to prioritise, which is what Bryce has been doing

With the priorities taken care of it was time to get back on the GTR, and to complete the first round of mods, steam roller sized Michelin tyres were on the hit list, measuring 325/30R20 up front and even wider 345/30R20 for the rear, these have been wrapped around the 12x20 & 14x20 AG Wheels Bryce already had "waiting patiently" so with a weekend of mods, trimming and general suspension set up it was finally time for its first proper outing as a more or less finished build and we have to say it does look pretty spectacular, the wheel and tyre set up are really on point, form and function never looked so good, Bryce still has bits to do but as with all builds does the modifying and titivating ever stop.

Next up will be the straight pipe exhaust system coming from the boys at JC Fab Works, and a new rear GT3 style wing that we are working on for our own BMW Z4 GT3 project, will be re worked for the Ichiban GTR, but that is a few months away whilst we fabricated all the supports and manufactured the blade moulds for the double set up.

Bryce Jenkins Wide Body Ichiban GTR

Over the next week the car will be photographed by the silky lens skills of Brandon from Woyshnis Media, and we are really looking forward to the money shots that will appear, as the guy has some excellent skills with a camera and no doubt the GTR will be seen on lots of media feeds, especially if Bryce’s Rocket Bunny Nissan 350Z this is anything to go by, this is one GTR that we think is going to infest the internet for many months to come, and with the current crop of cut and paste wide body GTR builds that are everywhere, this beauty is going to be a refreshing change... Hurry up Brandon.

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