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APAC and VAD the perfect collaboration

As we cant be everywhere we are always looking to work with like minded companies around the world, having good outlets that can service and supply your brands locally is vital, as we have found out over the last 20 + years it can be risky, but when a company ticks all of the boxes, its a risk worth taking.

One company that has stood out to us for a while has been Auto Performance Aesthetics Centre (APAC) from Maryland, USA, some of the work we have been seeing coming out of their set up has been pretty spectacular, especially the GTR's that do the rounds across various social media feeds, OK so the installation of the Liberty Walk GTR wide body is nothing new but these boys have been hitting the scene from a very different angle, most companies just install the LB over fenders kits as they have been designed and intended, as a riveted over fender, but these boys have taken the over fender craze to a different dimension, which is the main reason they have stood out as they have been blending the kit to the body and if you know your bodywork, you'll understand how difficult that is to pull off, we aren't fans of the LB GTR over fender look for various reasons, but APAC made us take notice of the workmanship and skill its takes to blend a kit like this, they have done a sublime job, and its a kit that looks so much better as a true wide body over a fender add on.

APAC putting their own twist on the Liberty Walk Nissan GTR aero styling

The say quality attracts quality, so you will understand we were pretty thrilled when Derrick the owner reached out to us for possibilities of working together, after a couple of months of discussions Derrick has decided on the purchase and installation of the VAD GTR wide body aero kit for his own personal GTR, to say we are excited is an understatement, as we know what's coming, just looking at the craftsmanship of the LB cars they have already created just wets our whistle.

Derrick base car is a beauty and he is going to keep on enjoying the standard GTR look for the next few weeks whilst the kit is in production and we ship it out, then we can only imagine what they are going to create and we cant wait, the wheels he already has, which happen to be a crazy wide set of RSV forged 3 piece with a concave centre profile.

for all of your VAD needs for the areas of Washington, D.C., Virginia, Pennsylvania, Delaware and West Virginia, look these guys up, even further afield its worth getting in touch, if you love your car then you'll love what APAC offer and what they can do for you.


Derrick the owners personal GTR, getting ready for surgery, the VAD wide body kit coming soon

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